MeTe Museum of Siculiana: urban regeneration activities

Every city has pockets of underused and underutilized land or distressed and decaying urban areas. These pockets of underused land weaken the city’s image, livability, and productivity. They are usually the result of changes in the urban growth and productivity patterns.
The #MeTe Museum of Siculiana ( SICILY ) since 2015 has been working on urban regeneration activities. The purpose of the museum is to revitalize the historic center with artistic installations and reclamation works.

  • WORKCAMP 2015.

  • WORKCAMP 2016.

  • WORKCAMP 2017.

In 2018, thanks to the #MeTe Sicily Experience workcamp, volunteers will perform the following activities:
  • Care and maintenance of artistic installations along the Casale Area
  • Creation of other artistic installations along the Casale Area with the support of local artists.

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