The Sanctuary of the SS Crucifix - Siculiana

The Sanctuary of the SS. Crucifix was built by the Carmelite Fathers at the end of the 16th century. The adjoining Collegio di Maria, (the Batia), was built much later next to the church. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, thanks to a donation by the well-known local don Vincenzo Alfani and many other devotees, the enormous work of enlarging and decorating the church was made possible. This was completed in 1813. Around the middle of the eighteenth century the bishop of Agrigento, Monsignor Domenico Maria Lo Jacono, undertook the task of enriching the Church of his hometown. From the seventeenth century in the church is celebrated the cult of the Holy Crucifix that every year is revered during the popular festival of 3 May. A precious 15th century Jewish sarcophagus, now used as a baptismal font, and eight beautiful alabaster stone panels depicting scenes from the Old Testament are preserved in the Baptistery. These memorabilia represent the only example of Jewish sacred art in the Mediterranean.


The Sanctuary of the SS Crucifix - Siculiana

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