Historical and cultural tour of Siculiana ( Sicily )

An Itinerary to live again places full of history and magical-religious belief, still deeply live in contemporary lifestyles.

At the #MeTe Museum there’s the possibility to discover the religious magic beliefs of Siculiana, as the worship of SS Crocifisso, stories of other religious local people and etno-stories, about Masonry, or stories like the Garibaldi’s fatal wound. Giuseppe Garibaldi was also known as “the hero of the two worlds” and was, without doubt, the most important figure of the Risorgimento and one of Italy’s most famous historical person, considered in the popular culture of the 20th century, a national hero. Tour continues visiting the Chiaramonte Castle of XIV century and the main Church “SS. Crocifisso”, places where reliving the century belief of “Sposalizi Benedetti dalla Pruvvidenza” (Blessing wedding). That’s why Siculiana is also called the “Wedding City” as according popular tradition, it is said that marriages in the Castle were blessed from the "Provvidence". Ending tour among arabic streets in the historic centre to discover some symbols or some architectural elements, which show the magic survivals in the popular traditions, as the “belief of the Donni” (women, popular ghostes) . "Donni" could be benign or wicked: in any case, people should have a respectful attitude toward them by following some well-defined domestic-houses rules.


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