Chiramonte Castle - Siculiana ( Sicily )

The Chiaramonte Castle of Siculiana is a rich and splendid architectural monument of Arab origins. The ancient castle was rebuilt in 1310 at the behest of Federico Chiaramonte. In 1311 the marriage between Costanza, the only daughter of Federico Chiaramonte and the Genoese nobleman Brancaleone Doria was celebrated. Numerous marriages and noble agreements were celebrated in the castle over the centuries. The Church of San Lorenzo, in the south of the castle, is the oldest of Siculiana, built during the seventeenth century. Here, began the cult of the Holy Crucifix, which is now kept in the homonymous Sanctuary. During the centuries, the castle also became a prison. In the early twentieth century Baron Agnello ordered the destruction of the "noble fortress", the most important artistic and historical part of the castle, to build a luxurious residence for himself. In this residence one of the most important writers of the 20th century, Giusepe Tomasi di Lampedusa was hosted by the noble Agnello family. At that time he wrote the last pages of his masterpiece "Il gattopardo".

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